November "Spotlight"

CrossFit 231

is proud to

Spotlight member

Anna Wysocka

Anna was asked what she thought about CrossFit.

Through CF I discovered so many ways in which I can develop my body, movements I didn't know were possible for me to perform. What used to be intimidating, like Olympic lifts became my favorite challenge. CF helped me overcome many mental blocks and obstacles, giving me confidence in and outside of the gym. I built a better relationship with my body and body image, focusing on healthy and strong and fueling properly rather than not fitting into trending beauty standard. In the sense of community is second to none, so positive, supportive and encouraging!  It's been invaluable to me. There is something about sweating and struggling and growing together that opens us up to beautiful friendships. I can't say enough about this. CF231 does feel like a family to me”.


Coach Pete C. comments on Anna…………………….

You want an interesting story in how someone got started in CrossFit?? Look no further then our very own Anna Wysocka. She came in 23rd place in her age group at the 2014 Post Office run which entitled her to a free 2 month membership to CF 231. Obviously at her fitness level today she never would have won because she is constantly placing in her races now. But she did win and the rest as she says "is history". 

Why did I choose her? The better question is how could I choose anyone else? Her dedication is beyond reproach. No matter the weather condition she can be seen making her way down Deer Park Ave on foot to her happy place, CF 231. She is often at open gym working on her goat or stretching in preparation for the 830am WOD. She is a sponge for fitness information and constantly strives to and is becoming better on almost a daily basis. She still runs and runs well but also has competed in a CF competition to take her out of her self described comfort zone. She and teammate "Cheeto" made the finals in her very first competition. There are certain people in our box who become pillars to that box. Without them we are less strong. So Thank you Anna for making and keeping us strong. Congrats! This is well deserved and long overdue.