May "Spotlight"

Crossfit 231 is proud to “spotlight” member Susan Aiken.

Susan has been Crossfitting for two years. Asked what she likes most about Crossfit , Susan said “the people at 231”. 

Coach PMont’s Comments:

Susan is a true inspiration at our gym. You
will usually see Susan arrive a few minutes
early for class to begin her stretching
routine. If you haven’t noticed Susan, is very
serious about her warm up, even though
she has a smile on her face and is often seen
conversing with other members. What I
have noticed as a coach is Susan “never
quits”. No matter the WOD, the rep scheme
or the time of the workout she is determined to finish. We are “all” amazed at her determination, performance level and overall positive attitude. Our Crossfit 231 family is truly fortunate to have Susan as a member and friend.