July "Spotlight"

CrossFit 231 is proud to “Spotlight” member Kevin Egan.  

Kevin has been CrossFitting for over one year.When asked about CrossFit Kevin stated "each class brings a new challenge, and with each challenge whether I succeed or fail I become a stronger"

Coach Bills Comments:

Kevin gets off the weekday train in Babylon and makes his way to 231 working out regularly at the 4pm class, he is also a loyal member of 231’s Mongrel Union. I have had the pleasure to coach Kevin on Sunday’s, where he can be seen working on his weightlifting techniques or most recently his bar muscle-up. He quickly went from a CrossFit “newbie” to the top of the 231 whiteboard. His CrossFit success is due to a great deal of hard work and practice he puts in to every session. I can appreciate how hard that can be after a full day of construction work.

Congratulations Kevin we are proud to have you as a member of the 231 family.