December "Spotlight"

CrossFit 231 is proud to Spotlight member John Stio.

John Stio has been a member since March of 2016.  He is a regular at the 5:30am class, consistently getting in at least 3 days a week.  He only deviates his schedule to attend the strongman class, where he has become “one of the mongrels” at the Mongrel Union Strongman class


John was asked what he thought about CrossFit.

John said:" I love the varied workouts that keep exercise from getting boring.  I like that I am challenged every time I enter the gym and am constantly pushing myself to new limits.  I love the sense of community and the new friendships that I have created. I really love that my 2 boys are also involved and it is something we enjoy doing together in the gym and at home

Coach Chris on John…………………….

 What I find unique about John is that while he self admits he was never a sports guy growing up, he is a natural at the gymnastic moves of CrossFit and has shown  steady strength gains.  John is a regular also at the strongman class where I've seen tremendous jumps in strength with the atlas stones and he's PR'd in his deadlift and bench press. John comes in every morning with a level of determination, willingness to try anything and an overall great attitude towards CrossFit and his fellow CrossFitters.  John, has two young boys who attend the CrossFit kids class and they have the same energy and determination as their dad and have the same natural ability in the gymnastic moves.  Like father, like son.   John is a special part of our CrossFit community.