August "Spotlight"

CrossFit 231 is proud to Spotlight member Brianna Sesto. 

Brianna is a charter member of Crossfit 231. When asked about CrossFit, Brianna said, I’ve always been in love with working out but when I found Crossfit, I immediately knew I was home.  I live for the hard, grueling workouts that make you want to cry while doing them but afterwards feel so accomplished.  Or, those that look super easy on paper but turn out to be the most difficult ones.  You never know what you’re going to get with CrossFit but you also never realize how far your body can be pushed until CrossFit.

Coach John’s Comments:

Brianna Sesto is regular at the 8 pm class. Though Brianna is struggling with an injured shoulder, she always manages to find a means to workout. Brianna will often have to modify her workout because of her injury, however, in most cases the modifications she chooses are often more difficult then the posted workout. 

Brianna is very serious about her fitness.  However, if you are in class with her you can’t help but notice her infectious smile as well as the words encouragement she provides to her fellow CrossFitters during the workouts. It’s a pleasure to have Brianna as part of our 231 Crossfit family.