2018 Mini-Murph Challenge

On Wednesday CF231 was honored to host the Murphy Challenge for the USNSCC Cadets (Lt. Michael Murphy's Division). The 20+ cadets began the evening with some inspiration words by Dan Murphy (Michael Murphys father) followed by special encouragement from their unit commander. After a some instruction on the movements and a warm-up the cadets began their workout in honor of fallen hero Lt. Michael Murphy.

This workout featured an 800m run 50 pull-ups, 100 push ups and 150 air squats and a workout ending 800m run. The cadets pushed through the "Murph" as parents and CF231 members looked on. There was a special energy in the gym that night as cadets cheered each other on throughout the work-put.

A Special thank you to CF231 members Steve and Gina Horowitz for organizing the event. Congratulations to all the cadets for a job well done.