CrossFit Open 2017

Lets talk about the 2017 Open…..


To begin we are very excited that so many of our members have registered for this years CrossFit Open. This will certainly be a test of your strength, stamina and mental toughness. It will be exciting to see you compete alongside your “Box-mates” over the next 5 weeks.

Here is some information moving forward.

·      The Open class schedule for judging is posted on Wodify and Facebook.

·       Keep in mind you will need to get to the gym a little earlier then usual so you can get a quality warm-up. However, be aware as to not become a distraction to the existing class.

·      The workouts are posted @ 8pm Thursdays for that week ( There is a live stream of the workout between 2 games athlete each Thursday.

·      Workouts are designed to test your fitness. There will be amraps, rft, chippers, strength components. The wod could be 4-6 min 9-14 min, or 20+ min no telling.

·      Expect the unexpected.

·      Each RX workout will have the following designations

o   Individual Men

o   Individual Women

o   Masters Men 35+

o   Masters Women 35+

o   Teenage Division

·      The weights and movements may vary for each division

·      In addition, there are variations referred to as “scaled”. Here weights and movements are adjusted so athletes with various fitness levels and abilities may participate.

·      You may choose to go RX or Scaled with each workout. If you are comfortable with the weights and movements you may consider going RX, if you have trouble with any component in the RX workout you should consider going “scaled”.

·      You are not locked in to a category. You can RX week 1 Scale week 2……etc

·      If you go scaled your score will be adjusted against the Rx athletes for that workout.

·      You have until Monday evening to complete and post your workout time

·      You may redo any workout before the deadline and resubmit (not recommended)


So what happens on your “Open” Workout Day.


·      Look over the wod prior to your workout, decide on rx or scaled. You can discuss this with a coach prior if you wish.

·      Arrive 10-15 mins early and begin to warm-up, a run/stretch. Once the prior class is over you will have access to the gym and equipment.

·      Begin by warming up for the wod (especially the movements).

·      You will be assigned a judge and a heat. This is dependent on the number of judges available, amount of equipment being used and safety considerations.

·      Once you have completed the workout you have until Monday evening to post your score on

·      You are responsible for posting your score not the judge. The judge will validate your score with CrossFit.

·      You can view your position on the leaderboard located on


Once we have the workouts we will offer specific strategies regarding the work out.


If you have any questions post it on the forum or speak with a coach at the gym……………………


We are excited for you………………..


Good Luck, Have Fun, Enjoy the Open