How often should I train?

One of the most common Crossfit questions is how often should I train? 
The short answer.....Start with the 3-on/1-off standard and adjust from there. This formula is not right for everyone. Generally, train 4 or 5 days per week. Try not to train more than 3 days consecutively or less than 2 days consecutively. 
If you go more than 3 days on then realize your intensity will suffer. However, you may notice some people in the gym going 5 consecutive days  during the work week and then take the weekend off. This is not ideal and is generally is a product of commitments eliminating weekend training. . These individuals are encouraged to place an "active"  rest day somewhere in the week.  Above all, listen to your body, but be aware that you must work through soreness and fatigue. However, never work through pain, especially acute pain. 
Making a decision regarding a training schedule usually involves a number of factors. What are your goals, what are the intensity training levels, your rest pattern, nutrition, existing fitness levels and your daily or weekly schedule. 
These factors vary with each athlete, speak with your coaches to find out what might be the best training schedule for you. We want you to train hard but not overtrain which may lead to injury.